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What is Electric Recloser?

Power lines are damaged quite often. In order to control their operation, reclosers were invented. How do you use a recloser and what are they? Simply put, reclosers are medium-voltage devices. They have a huge impact on the operation of power grids, because very often there are emergencies and power outages. This is the main problem of the energy sector today. But with the use of reclosers, the situation has changed. They started to be installed on overhead power lines in order to regulate operation and prevent power grid interruptions. Without them it would be difficult to control the operation of a line with a long length.After all, there are sections that are in hard-to-reach places, where it is difficult for a person to be there to regulate the networks. Functions The most important purpose of a recloser is that it protects power lines from accidents. Because sometimes there are situations where the intensity of current supply increases, i.e. the lines are overloaded. A
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Simple Troubleshooting Tip For Process Engineers That Work With Fired Boilers

All fired boilers that I have worked with have oxygen analyzers on their flue gas. Combining the oxygen concentration of the flue gas with the front-end air-to-fuel ratio can be very useful for quick troubleshooting. If you need a refresher on air-to-fuel ratio. The general concept is to calculate the expected concentration of oxygen in the flue gas from the air-to-fuel ratio and to compare it to the analyzer value. As I have spent more time in engineering and operations, I have seen more and more value in SIMPLE engineering checks. Here’s an example: